Live in your day, you can live tomorrow, tomorrow.

_MG_4198Currently sitting in front of our good friends Dominic and Annie’s house in Bend, Oregon, for the second time. Our first time in Bend, France was laid up with her burn injury. Its nice to be back here with friends and with her feeling better.

October 8th will be two months since we left Aberdeen in our first home together. We both left towns we have lived in for most our lives to live in a Winnebago together after 9 months of a long distance relationship. Quite the change. No matter what life you choose, there are challenges and life lessons to be learned.

As we maneuver through each day with its uncertainties and variables I am constantly reminded to continue to stay in the moment. This mantra is so applicable in all facets of life; from cherishing every wonderful moment we are blessed with in this life, to dealing with an unpredictable stressful situation, to the change of lifestyle of not having a forced schedule. Its a ritual of self reminding to trust the day and that I don’t have to tackle tomorrows problems today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

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